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Do you know how to use prepositions correctly?

Learning how to use prepositions in English is not easy. There are hardly any rules about when to use each preposition.


These short words usually come before nouns, although many of them are used with certain verbs.


In this blog, we are going to focus in




"ON" is used to talk about the days of the week and some specific date.


            - On Monday

            - On Christmas day

            - On January 1st


"IN" is used in months,years, seasons, time of the day, after a certain period of time


            - In July

            - In 2015

            - In summer

            - In the morning/afternoon/evening

            - In five minutes


"AT" is used for hours, certain point of time, with "night" and "weekend".


            - At six o'clock

            - At 5pm

            - At night

            - At the weekend

            - At Christmas

            - At that time

            - At that moment




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