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Sometimes we get confused when we have to use prepositions with different types of transport.

Today we are going to focus on these prepositions.


When we talk about general ways to travel, we always use preposition "by"


      - To go by car          - To go by plane

      - To go by train       - To go by shipe

      - To go by bike        - To go by bus



We can also use "by" to refer to the transportation eviroment


                       - By road                - By sea               - By underground

                       - By air                    - By rail



Warning: when you go walking somewhere, you don't say "by foot ", you say "on foot"


Para subir o bajar de un medio de transporte, las preposiciones que usamos dependen del tipo de vehículo:


- With car and taxi:


                                Get in/into        Subir

                                Get out off        Bajar


- With train, bus, bicycle, motorbyke, plane, etc.:


                               Get on/onto       Subir

                               Get off                 Bajar






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