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Hello, I’m Concha, coordinator of English Interaction. From now on, I 

am going to post some reviews about real things that have happened to 


Why I have taken this decision? Well, from my own experience, I know 

how difficult we find it to put into words what we want to communicate. 

I still remember when I had to pass the writing exam at my English school. 

Sometimes, it was like a nightmare, I was supposed to write 200 words 

about a topic they gave me. It was hard for several reasons: 


First of all, I had to think about what I was going to say, I must admit that 

this part took me most of the time, I’m not particularly characterized by 

my imagination. Then, I had to think about the correct grammar structures 

and the words I was going to use, taking special care with the spelling 



It’s easier when you write about something that really happened to you. 


I hope these posts help you in some way. 


Here is the first one: 






It wasn’t the first time I almost missed the train, but it was the most 



It happened to me two months ago. I travelled from Barcelona to Lyon on 

December 7th. I had to spend one night in Barcelona and take the train to 

Córdoba the next day. 


As my train didn’t leave until 15:50, I had the whole morning to do some 

sightseeing around the city. In the early morning, I left my suitcase in the 

hotel where I had spent the night and I went out to go around the city and 

visit “Casa Batlló” by Gaudí. I’m really keen on Gaudí’s architecture. 



The day was sunny, so I chose to go on foot, I love wandering through the 

streets of the cities. I enjoyed my walk and I took advantage of it to take 

some pictures along the way. Once I got to Casa Batlló and I went inside, I 

was really astonished and fascinated by the decoration. Each architectural 

element had a meaning and a function. The house was designed by Gaudí 

for a wealthy aristocrat, and it’s one of Gaudí’s masterpieces. If you go to 

Barcelona, I highly recommend visiting this building. 


Once I finished my visit to casa Batlló, I took the bus back to the hotel, I 

only take the underground for long distances or when I’m in a hurry, but 

it wasn’t the case, because I still had plenty of time before my train left,

it was now 13:30. When I got off the bus, I was quite near my hotel, then 

I went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch. There were many people 

at the restaurant and it took a long time until the waiter came with the 

dishes I had orderered. I began to get a bit nervous, but my hotel was 

around 10 minutes walking distance, so there was no problem…I finished 

my meal and I went to the hotel to pick my luggage up. When the bellboy 

went to the room where it was supposed to be, he didn’t find it. It took 

him 12 minutes to find my suitcase. Oh my God! If I took the underground, 

I wouldn’t arrive at the train station on time because I had to do two 

transfers. I decided to call a taxi. After 8 or 9 minutes waiting for the taxi, 

I called back to the taxi call centre, and the person on the phone told me 

that my taxi was due to be at my address, but it was stuck in a traffic jam, 

my heart started to beat quickly . Five minutes later I was getting into the 

taxi. I almost couldn’t speak because of the nerves. I told the taxi driver: 


-Please, to the train station as fast as possible, my train leaves in 15 


He said to me 


-Sorry Mrs, but that is impossible, getting to the train station will take 

25 minutes minimun and we are in a rush-hour. There is a lot of traffic and 

traffic lights. 


I told him 


-Please, try, there aren’t any other trains to Córdoba till tomorrow 



On my way to the train station I was thinking that the taxi driver was right 

and surely I would miss the train. I was imagining myself calling the hotel 

to book an extra day more and buying a new train ticket for the next day. 

That was not in my travel budget. 


I still don’t know how the taxi driver did it, but I was at the entrance of 

the train station at 15:46, I handed him a note and I didn’t wait for the 

change. I rushed into the train station. The train station in Barcelona is 

so big, I didn’t have time to look at the screen to find which platform my 

train was on, so a shouted to a man with renfe uniform – please, the train 

to Córdoba- he indicated the platform to me. There was a long queue to 

pass the luggage control, but I couldn’t wait, I stepped into the queue and 

explained that my train was leaving in one minute. When I reached the 

train, I got into the first coach, in a few seconds the train left. 


I was breathless after running. After locating my seat and stowing my 

suitcase, I went to the bar to have a coke, my mouth was completely dry, 

and I was exhausted, I needed to calm down. 


The next time I have to catch a train or plane, I’ll make sure to go with time 

to spare. You never know what might happen… 



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