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Weekend in Nerja



Hello, today I want to tell you about my weekend in Nerja. 



For some years  I have gone to the beach for Easter, but this year I couldn't make it. So, after Easter, I organized a  weekend in Nerja with my friends. I booked the hotel two weeks before our journey, with the hope that we could enjoy  good weather and sunbathing on the beach. From then on, I began to check the weather forescast, you know, you can check it with 14 days in advance, although the prediction is not very accurate. In fact, the prediction was changing day by day, and two days before we left it was clear that the weather wouldn't be so good that weekend.


I tried to cancel our reservation in the hotel and put our journey off, but it was not possible. 


On Saturday early morning we set off to Nerja. As it was raining we were dressed with raincoats and umbrellas, although with the swimsuits and sun creams in the suitcase, just in case.



When we arrived in Nerja, the day was completely cloudy and threating to rain. After checking into the hotel and unpacking  our things, we decided to go to Frigiliana.

The first time I went to Frigiliana, some years ago, I was stunned by the beauty of this picturesque town. I wanted to show it to my friends


Frigiliana is a small village located on the side of the mountain, at 435 metres above the sea level, and around  6 Km. from Nerja.

The old part of the town is of Moorish origin. While you are walking around its narrow labyrinth of windy streets, you can read the Moorish history of the village in the ceramic mosaics that are scattered in the streets. It is said that many Moors threw themselves from the top of the hill during the battle against the Christians, rather than be captured by them.

What  suprised me more about Frigiliana is the whiteness of the streets and houses, just broken by the blue colour of windows and doors in some houses, and the colourful plants and flowers that adorn the streets.

Most of the streets in the old area are steep, in some cases very steep, and accessible only on foot. Without any doubt, the inhabitants of this village don't need to go to the gym to keep fit.

Wandering by the narrow streets, you can  find small shops and restaurants with amazing views. On sunny days you can even see the sea.


After finishing our visit to Frigiliana, we went back to Nerja. 

At night we went out for dinner. Of course, we had fish, the fish you eat in the coast places has nothing to do with the fish you buy in the inner cities. Then we went to a "tablao flamenco" . The bar was full with foreign tourists who were enjoying  the wine and flamenco from our land. The night was livened up by a guitarist playing and singing rumbas and sevillanas.

Very soon people began to dance, the environment was cheerful. There were two British women that didn't stop dancing, it was astonishing the way they danced flamenco. It seemed they were Andalusian women carrying the rhythm inside their bodies.

It didn't take us a long time to join to the group of dancers. We had a very good time there.


The next day dawned grey and cloudy, but as the day went by, the clouds disappeared and, eventually we could enjoy walking by the beach and sunbathing.


In the evening, we went back to Córdoba. In the end we had a great weekend.



Phrasal verbs


Put off- Posponer, aplazar algo

Set off- Salir, partir de viaje







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