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Last week the Seville fair was held. I had heard a lot about this fair, although I have never had the chance to go to.

This year, eventually, I could go. I have a friend who is from Seville and she invited me and two more friends to spend the weekend there.


The Sevilla fair starts two weeks after Easter in a huge area in Los Remedios neighborhood. It lasts from Monday to Sunday. During that week people from everywhere go to Sevilla willing to enjoy a few days of dancing, drinking, eating and socialising. 


It was Friday midday when we got to the fair. At that time of the day the "Real de la feria" was an amazing spectacle of light and colour. From midday until early evening the parade of carriages, riders and women and men dressed on flamenca costumes didn't stop.

Our first stop was in a "caseta" which belongs to my friend's family. Most of the casetas are private, belonging to families, groups of friends or associations. These small casetas are only open to members and their guests. In fact, it is as if you were at your house drinking, eating and having fun with a group of friends. There are also several public casetas, but these are the minority.


In the caseta we were warmly welcomed by my friend's family and her friends, all of them very nice and friendly. From the moment we arrived, the display of plates of food, beers and cold "rebujito", the most typical drink in Andalusian fairs, never seemed to end. Then one friend invited us for a ride in a carriage throughout the Real de la feria. From the carriage we enjoyed a wonderful view of the more than thousand casetas distributed around fifteen streets. Each caseta was decorated in  a different way, but all of them orientated towards and open to street, so that you could see the street and the environment from the inside. This fact surprised me a lot, because in Córdoba most of the casetas are closed.


After our carriage ride, we continued wandering around other casetas, meeting with friends, drinking, dancing and having fun until the early hours in the morning. I think it was around 5am when we made the last stop to have the indispensable chocolate with churros. This was the highlight of a great  day where we didn't miss anything, we even had the opportunity  to see many famous people.


I think I couldn't have had a better debut in the Sevilla fair.




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