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4th Stage of The Way, Melide-Arzúa 20 Km.


Yesterday evening it was pouring down, and it continued raining during the night. Luckily, when we left the hostel at 7am, it was cloudy but, according to the weather forecast, it would not rain again until 1.00pm. Hopefully we'll get Arzúa without having to use the raincoats...

The path is very similar to yesterday, with plentiful vegetation: giant eucalyptus that flood the pathway with their characteristic smell, enormous chesnuts and halzenuts. We also pass by green meadows where there are cows grazing placidly.


 In these places the smell is characteristic as well, but this time it’s not so nice.

Although we are enjoying the scenery, we have to watch our step because the ground is slippery due to the rain.

As in the previous stages, we go through villages where, sometimes, there are small cemeteries that don't have any external walls to separate them from the path. That is to say, the tombstones directly overlook the path. This fact caught my attention, it's the first time I’ve see this kind of cemetery.

During one of our stops, we meet a family, a young couple that are doing The Way with their two small children. The children are so young that they are not able to walk long distances. The father had made a kind of trolley with two seats where he


carried the children and the backpacks. It's astonishing.  If The Way is hard carrying only the backpacks, imagine how hard it is pulling this kind of carriage all the way. They have already walked 90 Km. There’s no doubt, there are people who really give life everything they’ve got. In the photo you can see the trolley.

Three kilometres before reaching Arzúa it starts to rain, and it doesn't stop for the rest of the day.
Once in Arzúa, it took us quite long to find our hostel. When we finally got there, a delicious smell was coming from the kitchen.  We were hungry.  After having a shower, we went quickly to the dining room where we had a really good stew, accompanied by a salad, and, for dessert, the famous "tarta de Santiago".

We spend the rest of the day in the hostel sharing experiences and laughs with other pilgrims. 

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