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5th Stage The Way of St. James, Arzúa-Pedrouzo 20 Km

As usual these days, I get up around 7am. After my daily routine of stretching and massaging my feet with vaseline, I get ready to undertake the 5th stage of the Way.

Last night I couldn't sleep well. I slept for around three or four hours only, and today I feel quite tired.

We start walking as the day is dawning. The temperature is pleasant, maybe a bit cooler than in the previous days.
We start walking without having breakfast. I would have prefered to have eaten some breakfast before walking to get strength for the way, but I don't say anything to my fellow travellers.


When we have been walking for one hour and a half, I see the first bar on the path. Perfect, I thought. I was really looking forward to taking a break and having something to eat. Today I feel a bit down and I need to recover my strength.
As my cousin and friend are walking in front of me, I say aloud:

-  Look there’s a bar at the next corner, let's stop for breakfast.  

They seem not to hear me, then I try to persuade them saying:

- We have walked almost the half of the way; this is a good place to have a rest.

My friend answers

- No, I prefer to take the break further on, there is still a long way to go.

Obviously, they hadn’t realized how tired I was after an almost sleepless night and the fatigue of the previous days. I could have said "I prefer to take a break now because I need to have breakfast, I feel a bit under the weather". I'm sure that they would have stopped with me and we would have continued the way in harmony. But, instead, I got angry and I began to speed up my step. How can they be so insensitive, I thought, and, from that moment, my behavior was carried away by my thoughts and emotions. Great mistake.

My cousin and my friend tried to calm me down. They told me that if I was tired we could stop. But I was so annoyed that I did not heed them and I kept on my way.

 Luckily, 15 minutes later there was another bar where I stopped to take a break and have an energetic breakfast. Shortly afterwards, my cousin and my friend joined me in the bar, but I hardly spoke to them.  The bar was full of pilgrims chatting with each other, joking and laughing. The environment was cheerful. However, I felt like a fish out of water. I was not in the mood. Once we had rested and finished our breakfast, we got ready to go on with the way.

I started to walk so fast that after a few minutes I had left my fellow travelers quite behind me.  I did the rest of the way by myself. Sometimes groups of pilgrims passed close to me, other times I was completely alone. On two occasions I was afraid of getting lost  because the way-markers were confusing. 


The landscape was stunning. I would have liked to have taken some photos with my friends, but, they weren't with me. There are people who enjoy taking pictures of views and monuments but, quite the opposite, I prefer taking pictures of people -  with the background, of course, but  I always  like the people to stand out. I love having pictures with my family

and friends. It's a shame, I have no photos with them today.

There was around 3 Km. left to reach my destination when I took a break to rest and have some fruit. Sitting under the shade of a leafy tree, I thought about how stupid I had been that morning. I had spoiled a beautiful day reacting that way over nothing.

 How many times does something similar happen to us?  How many times do we get carried away by our emotions without stopping to think about the consequences, or don't say clearly what we want and expect others to guess? Today, I realized how important it is to manage our emotions well.

Sitting there, I decided to wait for my friends and apologize for my behaviour. Just a smile and a "sorry" was enough and, we walked the last part of the path together as if nothing had happened. 

After having lunch and resting for a while, we went out around the village and had some beers and tapas with other pilgrims. We were excited because there was only one day left to go before Santiago.


Pharsal verbs


Look forwad - Desear, esperar


Speed up- Aumentar la velocidad


Calm down- Tranquilizar, calmar, sosegar


Keep on- Seguir, pesistir, insistir


Go on with- Continuar con algo


Stand out- Resaltar, destacar




Be/feel under the weather- Sentirse mal, exhausto, un poco enfermo

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