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Holy Week in Córdoba



This year we are celebrating Holy Week very early in the calendar, and with an unusual weather. In fact, this is the first year I haven’t  taken my spring clothes out from the wardrobe yet. The climate is changing and it seems that spring weather is coming increasingly later. Nevertheless, the weather conditions don't prevent that throughout this week the streets of Córdoba are filled up with processions, penitents, smell of incense and crowds of people following or watching their favourite processions.





 All the processions pass through the Orange Trees Courtyard, in my opinion one of the most stunning places to see them. Although for me, it is very tired to stand up in the same place waiting a long time for the processions to pass. I rather walk looking for picturesque scenes where the beauty of the processions is remarkable. Some of my favourite places are Cuesta del Bailio, the narrow streets in the Jewish quarter, the Roman bridge and, of course, the stunning background of the Orange Trees Courtyard in the Mosque.


Today is Good Friday, the day when Christians commemorate Jesus Christ's crucifixion, one of the most important days of Easter. It's the only day in the year when mass is not celebrated and Churches decorate their sanctuaries so that people can visit them.



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