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Money plays an important role in our lives, so it's important lo learn some specific vocabulary about it.


In this post you will find useful vocabulary and expressions to talk about money.




Cash                         Dinero en efectivo


Bill/note                   Billete


Credit card              Tarjeta de crédito


Account                   Cuenta bancaria


Savings                    Ahorros


Saving bank            Caja de ahorros


Saving book           Cartilla de ahorros


Debt                         Deuda


Cash point/ ATM (automatic teller machine)              Cajero automático


Loan                       Préstamo / Crédito bancario


Mortgage                 Hipoteca


Pay off                   Terminar de pagar algo


Standing order     Domiciliar


Withdraw money    Sacar dinero de una cuenta bancaria


Bank rate               Tipo de interés bancario


Loan shark             Usurero


Guarantor             Avalista



Idioms and expressions


To be broke / To be out of money     

Estar sin blanca


To earn a living

Ganarse la vida


Money laundering

Blanqueo de dinero


My live savings


Mis ahorros de toda la vida


 To have cash flow problems

Tener problemas de liquidez


Pay through the nose

Pagar demasiado dinero por algo


 "I paid through the nose for decorating my new flat"


Make ends meet

Tener sufuciente dinero para pagar las facturas y otros gastos


"In my new job I don't earn enough money to make ends meet"


Pour money down the drain

Malgastar el dinero


"John is pouring money down the drain by always reparing his old car"









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