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RESTAURANT REVIEW "El Recomiendo" Toda una experiencia gastronómica


 En la mayoría de los exámenes oficiales de inglés, la review es uno de lo posibles writings que nos pueden pedir. Consiste en dar la opinión sobre un libro, película, restaurante, etc. El tono suele ser relajado y relativamente informal. En la review se aceptan contracciones y phrasal verbs pero sin abusar de ellos.


Aquí os dejo una review de uno de mis restaurantes favoritos. 


The first time I went to this restaurant was two years ago. I went with a group of friends. We usually meet every two months or so to go out to eat and to try different restaurants. Later, as a kind of game, we score several aspects of the restaurant, such as the food quality, its presentation, the service, the decor, etc.

For all of us, between all the restaurants we had visited in Córdoba up to that moment, this one was the winner, and we said that we would have to go back another day. 

The name of the restaurant is El Recomiendo. Last year this restaurant was chosen by Tripadvisor as one of the best restaurant in Spain. So, my group of friends and me were right!

Eating in El Recomiendo is an amazing gastronomic experience. Once you take your seat at the table, you are constantly surprised by the presentation, creativity and flavour of the dishes, as well as many other details.

You can choose between eating a la carte or having a tasting menu, both options are to be recommended. On our last visit we opted for a tasting menu, and I have to say that it was truly a gift for the senses. Not only do you enjoy the flavour of the meal, but each dish overflows with creativity. The food is served in unusual ways, ways that sometimes take you back in time, invoking pleasant memories from the past: one dish was served on a small wooden pallet, one involved a ‘washing line’ and clothes pegs, and others involved painstakingly recreated retro packaging.  Once the dish has been served, Perico Ortega, the chef, comes to the table and explains the dish in detail: the ingredients, and what he wanted to convey.





The value for money is pretty good, it's not expensive for a restaurant in this category.

The restaurant is not so big, but it feels light and roomy, and there is plenty of room for comfort between the tables. It is decorated with warmth and charm, and the atmosphere is cosy. The staff are friendly and attentive without being overbearing. 

Apart from the food, one of the things that most caught my attention was the bathrooms. When I go to a good restaurant, I always wonder what they will be like. Maybe it’s crazy, but, for me, the quality of the bathrooms says a lot about a restaurant.  I can't conceive of a lovely restaurant with ordinary bathrooms. In this case they far exceeded my expectations. Not only was the decoration beautiful, but  it was also replete with details that women love - there was even a small basket with disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste. How I appreciated that!  There is nothing more disconcerting than eating out and then having to spend the rest of the day out without been able to clean your teeth. Women usually carry small bags when we go out to eat, bags with hardly enough room for a wallet and a mobile, let alone a toothbrush and toothpaste.


There is no doubt that the person who runs the restaurant pays a lot of attention to the details.

Taking into account everything I said before, if you want to enjoy a delicious meal and try something different, I strongly recommend booking a table in El Recomiendo, though you will have to book well in advance - the waiting list is quite long!

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