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The summer holidays are a great time to enjoy reading gripping books and putting aside the laptop and the phone.


Wheather you are laying on the beach or just spending a long evening at home sitting in your favourite armchair, reading a book is a very good option. If you can do it in English, much better.




Reading books in English has a lot of benefits for those who want to master the language:


                - It helps you to learn new vocabulary and expressions.


                - You develop better writing skills.


                - It helps you to think in English.


                - You have the chance to learn more about English culture.


When we are not used to reading in another language, it can be a bit tiresome at the beginning. There will be a lot of word that we don't understand and we have to look at their meaning in the translator. However, many times we can work out their meaning from the context.

It's not necessary to translate every single word.


Ever since I started to read in English, I have always have my phone at hand, where I downloaded Word Reference, for me one of the best dictionaries, where I can search for the words I don't understand easily and quickly. I recommend you to do the same.


If you don't have a clue about what  books to take with you this holiday, here are some suggestions.


 In Search of Silence              The Flat Share         How Do You  Like Me Now?



    The Silent Patient             The President Is Missing           American Spy

















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